Your windows and doors will respond well to regular maintenance.
They are a significant investment so it make sense to look after them.

Cleaning Regime

Vantage products meet all statutory warranty requirements and are fully tested to ensure compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. Nevertheless, some simple steps are aid in retaining their appeal for many years to come.

After house construction is completed it is important that any builder’s debris or dust is  leaned from the inside of the sills to ensure the drainage holes are not blocked. This is especially applicable to doorways that may have been in regular use during construction.
Cleaning once every three months is recommended for window and doors. In coastal or industrial environments more frequent washing will be required.

We recommend cleaning with a soft brush with warm water and some mild household detergent before rinsing with fresh water.

Do not use abrasive steel wool, scrapers, scouring liquids, aggressive solvents or thinners as these are likely to damage the surface finish. The cleaning cycle should include the removal of build-up in door tracks to ensure the maintenance of drainage paths, and continued smooth operation of rollers.

Include Hardware

Regular maintenance of hardware is recommended.
Powder coated hardware should be cleaned regularly with a wet sponge or soft brush, warm water and a mild detergent then rinsed with fresh water. Plated product should be cleaned with a wet sponge without the use of detergent, as the latter can damage plating.

Stainless steel hardware needs to be cleaned regularly and care needs to be taken when rust spots occur. Even the highest grades of stainless steel can develop rust spots and these can be removed with a mildly abrasive cleaner and rinsed with fresh water. In cases of heavy corrosion Scotch-Brite™ hand pad can be used. Specialised 3M® Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish is also available as an alternative cleaning compound.

Take Care with Glass

Glass is a very delicate product that can be easily damaged. Care is needed to ensure that scratching does not occur.
Only detergents and cleaning solutions which are recommended for glass should be used. Commence cleaning by soaking the glass to loosen direct. Using a mild, non-abrasive solution, uniformly apply to the glass surfaces. Ensure that the solution is removed by rinsing with
water as cleaning residue can permanently mark glass.

The APL Quality Philosophy

The APL quality philosophy has seen the company take control of its own aluminium extruding, surface finishing, specialised manufacturing and nationwide trucking operation.
APL design staff are engaged in a continuous process of new product development, using market feedback to shape the design of new or improved products. Continued investment in leading edge products and processes is a key strategic objective. A state of the art Centre of Innovation has been built, dedicated to research and product development.

A major initiative has been the development of ThermalHEART windows and doors. Market leading Belgian technology enables the assembly of thermally broken product for windows that optimise interior temperatures and comfort.

APL on-site aluminium extrusion plant, INEX, is the biggest in New Zealand, with two high-capacity extrusion presses. The next step in the process is surface finishing. FINEX anodising is the country’s newest treatment plant incorporating the latest environmental mitigation practices. Colour Works powder coating operates a large in-house facility and offers a wide range of colours that total in the hundreds on an annual basis. The facility is also accredited to undertake high-performance coatings suitable for exposed coastal sites and industrial/commercial buildings.

Manufacturing subsidiary, ALPAC, carries out specialised aluminium processing tasks, including the manufacture of aluminium entrance doors and a comprehensive range of hardware. APL Direct completes the picture. The distribution fleet ensures that product is delivered to customers in the best possible condition. Quality control from start
to finish.

Vantage manufacturers have the backing of New Zealand’s largest window systems owner. The APL quality philosophy is a vital added feature to the Vantage range.


Your joinery colour choice helps to link both your interior and exterior design schemes.

Surface Finishing - Powdercoatings

Powdercoating is a proven hard wearing choice with a wide variety of finishes to choose from. Vantage uses premium grade powders with advanced weather durability.

• Duralloy® is the powdercoat suitable for most homes, and is the main powder grade used in New Zealand.
• Duratec® is a more robust coating which may be required,
depending on the location of your property and its proximity
to the coast.

Mannex powdercoat finish is available on entrance doors and offers a low sheen surface that is very resistant to marking and scuffing. A matt finish [rather than satin] is available as standard for most popular colour choices.


As an alternative to powdercoating, anodised offers a glowing matt sheen to the aluminium and is the ultimate in durability. It is the recommended choice of finish for coastal environments.
The natural protective oxide film on the aluminium’s surface is essentially thickened to achieve this. With Vantage, the FrostUltra process minimises the visible grain, which you would see in
traditional anodising.

Powdercoating Warranties

DURALLOY® POWDERCOAT RANGE Duralloy is designed for:
• residential developments
• buildings up to three levels
• properties greater than 100 metres from the mean high tide level
• where a 15 year film and colour integrity warranty is required

DURATEC® POWDERCOAT RANGE Duratec is designed for:
• prestigious residential and commercial developments
• all major architectural developments
• properties greater than 10 metres from the mean high tide level
• where a superior film and colour integrity warranty is required

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